My work life

Making the challenge of business growth easier.


2018 kicks off my 18th year as the owner and sole director of Eyes Wide Open (EWO). The first year or so felt like an eternity but don't ask me where the time has gone since!

During those early days, the big end of town was accustomed to the support of strategic planners to support their growth pathway. The same could not be said for SMEs, and my goal was to change all that.

One of the first things I learned was that smaller, more dynamic businesses have very different needs to larger corporations. Some stand-out differences are:

  • Planning and implementation have to happen around 'business as usual'.
  • Resources are often limited. Change initiatives must be scaled accordingly.
  • There is a much stronger need for short-term returns on investment.
  • Outcomes must be action-oriented and pragmatic so everyone in the business knows what to do.

Since those early days Eyes Wide Open has continued to push new frontiers in the planning and implementation of business strategy.  Successive waves of technological innovation, regulatory reforms and now climate change are some of the game-changers that have challenged our clients and we have responded with new ways of thinking. The challenge of business never subsides but at least Eyes Wide Open is here to make that challenge easier.

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There are three elements that drive success in business; strategy to define direction, marketing to fill the sales pipeline and management to maximise productivity. All three elements need to be aligned and integrated if you are going to maximise success for your organisation. 

Eyes Wide Open is Australia's only integrated consultancy combining strategy, marketing and management. We have assisted more than 400 Australian businesses and not-for-profits to set and achieve their strategic objectives.