Confessing my fear


I've spent a large part of my life being held back by my own beliefs.  There are things that I thought would never be possible for me.  Things that required talents or resources I didn't think I had or a level of social extroversion that is far beyond my natural boundaries.  For a large part of my life so far I was happy to accept that those things would never happen. Now I'm not willing to accept that.  Now I don't accept that.
To achieve anything we think of as 'impossible' requires a monumental shift in our world view.  You need to look at the world differently.  Through different eyes.  For me, this has become a lifelong experiment and it is fun.

Fear is the manifestation of a boundary of beliefs and experience.  A great place to start is becoming conscious of those fears and then reshaping the unhealthy, less useful components.
I don't believe in trying to blast my fears into oblivion using some form of shock therapy. Instead I find fulfilling ways to reshape my fears; gentler, more enjoyable ways to challenge the beliefs that give the fear its lifeblood.

One of those methods is simply to confess my fear.  To own it and put it out into the world.  I like to confess my fears to someone who is passionate about the thing I fear and then explore the world from their viewpoint.  

One such fear for me is dancing.  I know! People all over the world have just screamed 'What the?!!?'. I'm not talking about the mosh pit, drunken pub night type of dancing, but rather any sort that requires another human being to be within my personal space without distraction. The mere mention of it and my anxiety levels go through the roof.  Stick me in front of a crowd of 1000 people to do public speaking and these days it's a case of 'no worries mate'.  Dance in front of that same crowd?  I'd pass out.