Homemade Bread

If you want to do something that will instantly improve the quality of your life, start making your own bread.  It is therapy in a flour-filled bowl.  The process of kneading the warm, soft dough shifts the nerve-endings in your hands into maximum relax mode.  From there the neural message to chill spreads throughout your body.

Making bread is easy.  Jamie Oliver and a range of others offer basic bread recipes for you to play with.  Google them, there's heaps.  Experiment a bit and find one that suits you.  It  doesn't have to take long, I can get a loaf done in less than an hour with about 10 mins of effort.

Some food for thought:

  • Bread-making machines that knead and then bake the bread are a bad idea - the bread mix used contains bread improver which does dodgy stuff to your gut health.
  • Many shop bought breads also contain bread improver.  Ick!
  • Bread isn't actually that good for you.  It is very high in carbohydrate so should only ever be eaten as a treat.  Carbs stimulate appetite so if you have a big bread intake in your family and the kids seem constantly hungry, there could be link. 
  • If you think it would be impossible to make enough bread because your family consumes bread by the truckload, then this could be a good opportunity to change that (unhealthy) habit. 
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