Kirrily Dear: If You Want to Succeed, You Just Have to Get Up and Do it

This episode is for those ultra runners who want to receive great advice and hear great real-life experiences from a world-class ultra runner.

She shares her journey of running a 10k as an out-of-shaped kid to doing her toughest challenge to date, a 1300 km run through New South Wales. She gives us an insight to her process of mentally preparing for an ultra race.

She shares what motivates herself during low moments of a race, and the important question she asked herself during one of her races. We talk about Run Against Violence, which is an organisation she founded to help those in situations of family violence.

She gets real and lists the many ways running has had a profound impact on so many levels of her life. For those interested in starting ultra racing, she discusses the logistics of planning an ultra race: crew, fuel, vehicles, etc.

She mentions the documentary coming out about her next month, and teases us with what is next for her in 2019.

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