Run South America


Stories from 8 weeks exploring the trails and people of the South American running community.


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My next big adventure takes me back to South America to explore the history and life of runners across this vast continent.  Join me on Facebook and Instagram, sharing the trails far away from the tourist routes, looking deep inside cultures that have held running at their heart for centuries.

Without the benefit of gels, protein whey and electrolyte powders the Incan road runners (called Chaquis) could travel for days relaying messages throughout villages along the length of the roadways.  It is reported that a team of these runners could cover more than 400km in a day.

One of the most substantial roadways created is the Qhapaq Ñan, a 3,000 year old network connecting Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.  

In the company of locals I will be exploring some of the northern sections of this road, hearing the stories of the road runners and learning the unique food traditions of each district.  I hope to pick up a nutrition gem or two to fuel my own endurance ambitions.

The Incas lacked a system for writing, so all messages were verbally transferred.  To ensure reliability within the ranks, a runner was executed if they got the message wrong. Could you imagine what would happen if this same rule applied to modern-day runners, especially with their language skills after an ultra race?

For 8 weeks, I will be exploring the UNESCO-listed Qhapaq Ñan with side-trips to my favourite trail running destinations. Below is a taste of what's to come.