White Ribbon Ultra Marathon 2014

In 2014 I completed the White Ribbon Ultra Marathon, a 860 kilometre solo run through regional NSW to raise awareness and start a conversation about domestic violence. I ran the equivalent of 20 marathons in 12 days, in the hottest November in 57 years. With the incredible support of the NSW Police Force and more than 80 supporting organisations, we held seven community events en route and achieved amazing media coverage and community engagement on the topic. While the run may have been completed in 2014, our efforts to break the silence continue to snowball every day, through the establishment of Run Against Violence.

A film called ICEBERG was created about the run. A special edition of ICEBERG screened on Compass on ABC TV . The story is the result of eight years of learning to be a runner, three years of breathing life into this project, 140 film production days, investment by over 80 supporting organisations and 60 crowd-funders, and countless lifetimes of experience openly and honestly shared.

Selected Media & Stories

ICEBERG Documentary

A documentary called ICEBERG' was made about the White Ribbon Ultra Marathon, funded by Run Against Violence.  The purpose of the documentary was to provide an engaging film to start conversations about intimate partner violence.  The documentary was screened on ABC Compass and is  available to schools via the ClickShare platform.  Through community screenings and the television broadcast, it is estimated that over 500,000 people have viewed ICEBERG.