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Written words are breadcrumbs along the trail of my life.  

Listening to feedback from the chief editor

Listening to feedback from the chief editor

Sharing what I have learned with the Australian running community

Sharing what I have learned with the Australian running community


Untwisting my knotted mind.

When I struggled to speak as a child, writing opened the door.  Words would tumble and twist in my mind, knotting into anxiety.  Writing those words brought order and flow; first to the words, then my mind and gradually my spirit would follow. The discipline of writing eventually gave discipline to my speech and created a powerful voice that I now use to change the world.

Writing is both a tool and a loyal friend.  On my dark days I turn to writing to shed fear.  I let the rumbling in my mind flow out onto the page with no regard for logic, reason or fairness.  Once released into the world the strength of those rumblings is dissipated and my inner power again shines through.

Writing gives traction to my imagination. My happiest days are those when I have a universe of ideas and dreams bubbling in my mind.   Occasionally my intuition compels me to take a piece of that universe and write it down.  The moment those words touch paper an idea is changed forever.  It ceases to be a dream and becomes a new reality in the making. 


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Published Stories

Sharing with the world

This is collection of stories I have recently written which have appeared in print publications.

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1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

See inside what it takes to make my dreams a reality.  People often tell me that I make it look easy.  It's not.  

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