Drops of magic


This photo captures the moment of release.

For all of you who have shared with me your deeply personal stories of violence and abuse - thank you. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for trusting me, thank you for wanting to make the world better for others. 

I could pretend that hearing the stories is an easy thing to do. But three years into the Run Against Violence journey, and its not getting any easier. The scale of pain is over-whelming and it takes a toll on me mentally and emotionally. During times of darkness I have questioned my determination, my strength and my willingness to continue with the fight. 

But it has also been during that darkness that I have learned the true meaning of power and passion. I have learned to take those stories, the pain and suffering and pull them deep into my soul and there I change them. I turn their energy into something I can use. I turn it into drops of magic.

This photo captures a moment when those drops are being released back into the world; connecting with minds, shifting worldviews and energising people for change.

For all of you who have shared your stories with me, thank you. My strength, my power, my passion - it comes from you.

(Thanks Canowindra News for the photo and story. Full details here: http://www.canowindranews.com.au/story/5085317/canowindra-makes-a-stand-against-domestic-violence-photos-video/?cs=557#slide=17)