Soup: Aguadito de Pollo

This soup is sensational for any season and any time of day.  Resist the urge to over emphasise any of the herbs and spices. The flavours should subtly blend, delivering a delicious and rewarding taste sensation. And yes of course it's simple to make.

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What I EatKirrily Dear
A mate's house

I decided to go over to a mate's house today who I hadn't seen for a while. This photo captures the point in the 46km ride that the intelligent part of my brain cut in and highlighted that a motor vehicle may have been a better option on a 39 degree day. 

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Drops of magic

I could pretend that hearing the stories is an easy thing to do. But three years into this journey, and its not getting any easier. The scale of pain is over-whelming and it takes a toll on me mentally and emotionally.

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